Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vermicomposting has begun. A modest 1000 Red Wigglers.

Welcome to Spencer's newest hobby!  My basement is full of worms!  The adventure began a couple weeks ago when Spencer created the holding facility based on an online design he found.  I'll try have him link it here for you so you can make your own!  (I know you want to.)  Then he began scouring websites to find just the very best breeders, you can't accept worms from just anywhere you know.  After settling on his favorite it just became a waiting game with Mr. Postman.  Spencer had high hopes that they would arrive before Easter so he could share his excitement with all of our house guests.  But unfortunately they didn't make it here until Monday.  When Spencer heard they were here he just couldn't wait to get them moved into their new home.  After tossing them in though it seemed they were wriggling as fast as they could for the exits!  What could be wrong!  Spencer quickly turned to online forums to try and find out the problem, and when I got home he was in full panic mode.  The web stated that if they don't like the food they will try and escape, but since he followed all the directions he couldn't figure out the problem.  Spencer had also discovered that he was a bit more squemish about touching them than he thought he would be.  Ignorance can sometimes be bliss.  I said that the worms were just confused, and didn't feel at home yet.  I had Spencer throw a bit of the outdoor compost in the bin to make them feel cozy.  And I grabbed all the worms that were trying to get away and threw them back in.  After a little bit Spencer took off his gloves and managed to touch the worms too and helped toss them in the middle of the bin.  Sure enough after a night in yummy good compost the worms were ready to settle in and get to work.  Soon we'll have black gold!


  1. How are you going to keep them all straight? Which one is Spencer Jr??