Monday, October 12, 2015

Watch Out - She's Hitting the Road!!

Thanks to a kind neighbor Veda has received not one but two new modes of transportation!  I gave them a wash (spiderwebs, shudder) and they are ready for the road. The car could use a fresh coat of paint - luckily I know someone handy with a spray can.  You up for some refinishing on your next visit Nea? The tricycle doesn't need a thing, just for Veda to get the hang of steering!  She rode up and down the sidewalk a bit, learning her boundaries, and oh yes, Jovi was out there with us too!  Can't leave her behind, she loves to be on the move in her slings!  Oh yes, and notice Veda's hair.  She wanted five ponytails today, so five is what she got!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

VF's First Poppy Seed Roll

It's kinda a family recipe - or at least a family snack.  I think my father's mother was the first one to make it as a regular thing.  For me at least it has always been a snack that my Tia would bring with her when she visited.  Or make ahead of time for us when we visited her.  A couple years ago in Colorado she gave me a tutorial on how to make it, so today when we were looking for a yummy treat VF and I decided to make one up.

VF was an eager helper, as always, and she helped poor all the ingredients into the bowl.  The whole while she mixed with a fork she was eager to get her hands into the dough.  Toddler like however as soon as she was able to start kneading with her hands she didn't like it because they got sticky.  We worked through it though.  After the dough picked up a bit more of the dusting flour and after I pointed out to her that her handprints appeared in the dough she was once again on board with helping out. 

While the dough rested she greased the pan (all by herself) and opened the can of poppy seeds.  "Black ball seeds" as she called them.  She tasted a few and declared them to be yummy.  So we rolled out the dough together, and after I spread the seeds out on it she licked the spoon clean.  Another wait for it to rise, and then into the oven they went.  She helped keep an eye out for it to turn golden brown, and gave a shout when it was ready.  I think it could have used a bit more time, as the inside was a bit gooier than I prefer, but overall I think it was a pretty successful job.

As for JA, she was here too - mostly just laying about.  Babies - they just sleep the day away.  Now if only she would do the same at night!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First day of School!

VF was all set for her first day of school.  She could hardly wait for the long hand on the clock to point straight up this morning.  She wore her new "school shoes" and outfit from Gma Nube and Tia, and had her "sma blankie" in her backpack just in case she needed it later.  Oh boy did she like wearing that backpack!  Once inside the school she sat with her teacher Ms. Sophie, and waited for all her friends to arrive.  S and I stayed until most her friends were there, and then  we headed out.  No tears from anyone, she whined just a bit when we left, mostly I think because the other kids in the group were starting to whine.  Ms. Sophie said when we picked her up that she was a good helper, and lots of fun, so it should be a good year.  There are 6 kids in her class, and we should get  a chance to meet parents a bit more tomorrow, and next week at some socials that are scheduled.

Meanwhile, Jovi had her weigh in yesterday - 6 lbs and 12 oz - so she is growing fast.  I'm pushing the breastfeeding a bit more, and cutting out the supplemental bottles we had been doing.  I think she is doing better every day.  Now if only she could figure out how to eat while I sleep!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Ready for Summer!

With a change in seasons coming up I decided it was time to go through the box of "too big hand-me-downs" to see what we had for summer.  We are blessed because the only hole in the wardrobe I found was a need for 2T (or 3T) pajamas.  Luckily we have some large (for her) T-shirts that I think will fill the gap nicely.  While rooting through the clothes though VF picked out her own outfit for the day - quite the fashionista, don't you think?  I'm glad she likes the vest, I knit it as a fall layer and it just chanced to be in her favorite color - Orange!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bad Butter!

So I forgot that I had spilt some butter on the bottom of the oven when I was making muffins yesterday.  I remembered that had happened when I opened the oven to throw in some cauliflower today.  There were flames on the bottom of the oven.  I promptly closed the door.  I may not be a genious, but I know oxygen and fires like each other.  Once the door was closed I turned off the oven and thought about my options.  Fire extinguisher seemed like overkill.  Baking soda, maybe?  Then I remembered I had read something about salt.  So I grabbed the industrial sized salt box (full) and chucked some in the oven.  Worked like a charm.  I'm sure there are other methods, but I thought I would share the one that worked for me.  

Then I texted S so he wouldn't worry.  "Small kitchen fire, nothing to worry about."  We'll see how long it takes him to call me.  

Dang!  I forgot to take a picture!  Good thing I have more butter.