Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First day of School!

VF was all set for her first day of school.  She could hardly wait for the long hand on the clock to point straight up this morning.  She wore her new "school shoes" and outfit from Gma Nube and Tia, and had her "sma blankie" in her backpack just in case she needed it later.  Oh boy did she like wearing that backpack!  Once inside the school she sat with her teacher Ms. Sophie, and waited for all her friends to arrive.  S and I stayed until most her friends were there, and then  we headed out.  No tears from anyone, she whined just a bit when we left, mostly I think because the other kids in the group were starting to whine.  Ms. Sophie said when we picked her up that she was a good helper, and lots of fun, so it should be a good year.  There are 6 kids in her class, and we should get  a chance to meet parents a bit more tomorrow, and next week at some socials that are scheduled.

Meanwhile, Jovi had her weigh in yesterday - 6 lbs and 12 oz - so she is growing fast.  I'm pushing the breastfeeding a bit more, and cutting out the supplemental bottles we had been doing.  I think she is doing better every day.  Now if only she could figure out how to eat while I sleep!

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