Tuesday, September 29, 2015

VF's First Poppy Seed Roll

It's kinda a family recipe - or at least a family snack.  I think my father's mother was the first one to make it as a regular thing.  For me at least it has always been a snack that my Tia would bring with her when she visited.  Or make ahead of time for us when we visited her.  A couple years ago in Colorado she gave me a tutorial on how to make it, so today when we were looking for a yummy treat VF and I decided to make one up.

VF was an eager helper, as always, and she helped poor all the ingredients into the bowl.  The whole while she mixed with a fork she was eager to get her hands into the dough.  Toddler like however as soon as she was able to start kneading with her hands she didn't like it because they got sticky.  We worked through it though.  After the dough picked up a bit more of the dusting flour and after I pointed out to her that her handprints appeared in the dough she was once again on board with helping out. 

While the dough rested she greased the pan (all by herself) and opened the can of poppy seeds.  "Black ball seeds" as she called them.  She tasted a few and declared them to be yummy.  So we rolled out the dough together, and after I spread the seeds out on it she licked the spoon clean.  Another wait for it to rise, and then into the oven they went.  She helped keep an eye out for it to turn golden brown, and gave a shout when it was ready.  I think it could have used a bit more time, as the inside was a bit gooier than I prefer, but overall I think it was a pretty successful job.

As for JA, she was here too - mostly just laying about.  Babies - they just sleep the day away.  Now if only she would do the same at night!


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    1. If Tia comes to Colorado in Jan. she can give another lesson. Or I can show you, but the farther you wander from the original the more mixed the result!