Friday, March 30, 2012


Today marks the end of my first week at my new job!  I am the newest employee in the Client Services department for the Orange team.  This week has all been spent in training, learning the company departments and goals, the system I'll use, and the expectations that go along with that. 

What is LimoLink?  We arrange ground transportation for executives and other high end clients.  For example, Gordon Gekko flies to London for a business meeting.  The car that takes him from the airport to his hotel could be provided by LimoLink.  My piece of the puzzle is that when his personal assistant (or whomever) calls LL to make a reservation I am the person he/she would talk to.

What makes this different from my recent jobs in the customer service industry?  Well, everyone is really happy to be there.  It isn't the dissatisfied rumblings that I have heard at my two most recent places of employment.  This is very encouraging to me.  My goal is to find a job that I wont hate staying at for the next 20 years, and based on the people I have met so far this may be it. 

Plus, going through the training in a group setting has already allowed me to make a couple good friends!  So hopefully we can all continue to grow together, as we move out into our roles in the company.  

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  1. that's pretty cool! I had a college roomie do something very similar, but with private jets (palm beach county .. $$$). See ya guys soon!