Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm at a crossroads.  I feel it.  Having been unemployed now for 2 months, with little true hope of finding a rewarding career, I find myself asking a lot of questions.  What is it that I am truly looking for from a job?  I have never been motivated by money, and I have never been power crazy which seem to be the two driving factors in most people's search for employment.  Having removed myself from this category what is left?  Anyone who spends 5 minutes with me knows that I do not have the patience, or temperament for a career driven by "helping people."  I do however like to help the earth, and other "treehugging" activities.  Unfortunately finding a job post for Captain Planet hasn't panned out for me so far.  Do I need to accept that I will just bounce from one unsatisfying job to the next  for all my remaining work days?

And lets look past this for a moment.  When I look back on my life what do I want to have accomplished?  I don't intend to have a lot of children moving out into the world to prove my existence.  While I appreciate art, literature and music, I do not have the aptitude for creating it myself so I probably wont leave behind any original works to enlighten future generations.  Is the rest of my life to simply be for my own satisfaction - and then the end?  Where is that greater picture I was promised where God had a plan for everyone?   

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