Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our week

I haven't posted in a while - so here's just a bunch of random stuff that happened this week!  Last weekend VF was climbing on everything!  She would get up on the chairs and not be able to find her way down.  She didn't seem to mind being stranded too much though.
Our baby birds all flew away.  I didn't think we would be empty nesters quite so soon!  On Sunday all three were in the nest when we returned from church.  They were on top of each other and clearly quite crowded.  Sunday night only 1 bird was in the nest.  We looked around a bit but couldn't find them on the ground so we optomistically concluded that they had flown away.  The next morning I went out and the nest was empty.  When I looked closer the baby bird was sitting on a branch above the nest planning his day.  He was nice enough to stay there while I ran and grabbed my camera.
Tuesday we walked to the park for some library reading program fun.  It was really cold - lots of people were wearing their winter coats!  Because we had attended 5 times VF was given a free T-shirt!  It might be a bit big.
Oh well, it makes a great nightshirt for now.  We had fun playing in the park, more climbing, sliding, and walking adventures.  There was a radio van there on Wednesday playing music for some reason, but that was a lot of fun.  Kids love dancing! All week it has been chilly in the shade, more like football weather than splash pad weather.  It's nice to not pay for air conditioning though!

Wednesday  I really wanted something sweet so I made some Orange Pecan Tea Bread.  I had all the ingredients in my kitchen, and it baked up pretty quickly.  It was delicious!!  It disappeared in 24 hours - and while that may not be the healthiest habit - I think it was probably better than going to the store for a bag of candies.  

Thursday the two of us went to Meet me at the Market and walked with friends.   Newbo Market does a meet every Thursday for people to exercise together and then listen to music.  The musician on this particular night was singing Elvis.  We walked miles and miles - but not so many miles as some people.  Some people who go are serious about their fitness!   After the walk we got a sandwich to eat - a hummus sandwich called Infield which was delicious.  One of our friends got some ice cream for dessert.  He was nice enough to share with VF and I have to say it was pretty funny watching her face light up as she was excited to have more of this new treat.

Thursday and Friday we went to the library play groups.  Thursday we went to the library nearest us.  Friday we went to the library down town.  S played with her on Friday which was I am sure she enjoyed.  Afterward we all went to her pediatrician appointment.  She's doing fine - able to do all the things she should be able to do - and already able to do some of the things they look for at 18 months.  I think that she recognized the nurse who does the shots because everytime she came into the room she would get all serious - and watch her closely.  It didn't save her though because she received 3 more shots.  Oh the wailing! Only one more round of shots in November, and then she will be done until she is 5.

After her nap yesterday afternoon it was clear she wasn't feeling very well.  She was wobbly on her legs looking like bearing weight on them hurt her.  She had a tiny fever, and was fussy.  I gave her just a bit of children's tylenol and we cuddled in to watch Winnie the Pooh together.   So many fun lines!  "I'm a little black rain cloud of course."  "I have a rumbly in my tumbly."  This is the first time that she actually sat still and watched a movie with me, it was a good time.  She would laugh at parts that aren't really funny though which makes me wonder what she sees or hears or remembers that is different.

Today two more teeth broke through - the two next to the one she has.  It's funny to look at her gumline because you can see all the teeth lined up just waiting to come through.  Guess it's a good thing we got her a toothbrush!
Finally, I wanted to include a quick thank you to Aunt W. for the scrapbooking supplies.  It's slow going, but I finally got around to making another page in her scrapbook!


  1. She looks pretty proud of her Tee! As for climbing well she looks proud of accomplishing that deed on the folding chair and looks like she enjoys the new perspective view. XX's an OO G-ma

    1. She loves when people give her stuff I think. When the librarian handed her the T-shirt she hugged it to herself like it was her favorite thing in the world.