Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Day of Play

Today has been a day to play!  Thursdays our local library has a storytime for children under the age of 4 so the two of us decided to go check it out.  There were lots of kids, and the leader Tara was a lot of fun.  She knew lots of fun songs, and dances which VF very much enjoys.  After the singing and reading she pulls out a box of toys for all the kids to play together.  It's a great chance to interact with other little ones and VF likes to see all the different ways that they play with their toys.  The first order of business though was getting that toybox completely empty!

I think VF played with every toy they had before we left!  She especially enjoyed the dump truck, not sure why but she thought it was SO funny to watch it roll away from her.  

After the library we went to the park.  Earlier this week VF started to go down the slide all by herself and she wanted to show off for Dad.  

Not only does she go down the bump slide by herself, but she will go down the curly slide all on her own too, albeit on her belly.  If no other kids are at the park she will then try and climb up the slide.  It's a lot easier when she takes her shoes off.  

Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world!
Most of the time though she has to go around the corner and climb up the "rigging.'  I'm not sure what it's actually called, but it always made me think of the ropes sailors would climb on ships.  She can almost climb it all on her own, but I hold onto her feet just to make sure they stay on the rungs.

It all adds up to prove that she's not a little girl anymore. 

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