Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kansas City and Baseball

 We just spent the last weekend in Kansas City on a great vacation with GJ and Larkypoo.  We stayed at Harrah's and oh boy did we luck out when it came to rooms!  I don't know if it was because we traveled with a baby and they wanted us as far away as possible or if it was just luck but our room was a suite at the end of the hall.  It has 1.5 baths, 3 televisions, a huge tub with jets, and I'm pretty sure it was larger than one level of our house!  VF thought the view was great - although you can see S was a bit more nervous.  With a room like that I am surprised we came home at all!  It's the sort of room where S can be a professional poker player and I would just live in the hotel!  Is it such a crazy idea I mean S did come out ahead $30 at the end of the weekend.  :-)

 The shower as you can see was pretty nice.  I am loathe to consider just how many gallons I used since I had all 5 shower heads turned on. 

When it came time to clean VF up the lowest one on the wall there was the perfect height for her.  She thought it was a lot of fun until I had her turn her back on it to wash her hair.  Not so fun then I'm afraid.

Of course when I was showering my view was the same.  You can leave town - but the baby still will not allow you to shower alone.

The big event that drew us to KC in the first place was to see a Royals game.  We were worried that the game would be cancelled because there were rain clouds predicted.   We had our hopes high and headed to the ball park anyway.  You can see in the picture it was a bit windy - and VF was concerned about her hair. 
We originally had 2 pairs of tickets in two different sections - but S negotiated his way into 4 seats together - along the first baseline and in row U so very close to the front.  We watched about 3 innings of baseball, but the rain clouds caught up to us and the game delayed.  After waiting a while we decided to head back to the hotel, and I am glad we did.  Three hours later when we sat down for supper this game was still trying to beat the storm and reach a decision!

It was a great weekend - thanks so much for EVERYTHING GJ.  We can't wait to go again soon. 


  1. That's a great shot of VF pretending to be spiderman on the glass :) And SUPER jealous of that bathroom!

    1. The bathroom is the most awesome bathroom I have ever used. The tub was big enough for both S and me to be in it - and we weren't even touching! VF could learn to swim in that tub!