Monday, June 2, 2014

Tri and Tri Again

Sunday June 1st was S's 4th Pigman Triathlon out at Palo Lake.  He had signed up to do it with 3  of his high school buddies.  You can see the beauty of that idea I am sure - a chance to reunite and pit their aging skills against one another.  Despite the challenge I would say that this year is arguably the least trained he has been. Ultimately that didn't matter though because one by one each of the other friends chickened out, leaving S the uncontested champion.

The race itself though is where the drama all happened.  The morning began with S standing on the shore of Palo Lake testing out the water.  After a toe dip and hearing that the water was a temperature of 73 degrees S made the decision to not wear his wetsuit.  This is the first time that S raced the Pigman without the wetsuit, and it may have cost him a few minutes time.  Without the buoyancy to help out S had a swim time of 16:03.

Next up was the bike ride.  S really felt comfortable on this stretch of the race.  He felt like things were going along at a fast pace, and about three quarters through the bike portion he lowered his head on a downhill coast and just enjoyed the road flying past.  When he brought his head up he was right on the back wheel of the female competitor directly ahead of him.  His tire kissed hers and down he went.  The other competitor continued unaffected.  S picked himself up, gathered his water bottles, rechained his bike and tried to compose himself for the rest of the race.

For the rest of the bike, and certainly through the run as he passed people and they saw his back he could hear the ewws following him.  His final bike time was 53:09 and run time of 22:54.  After the race he headed to the first aid tent where he felt he may have been the only customer of the day.   

Here's what he looks like 24 hours later!

Yea, I bet you said Eww too!  When you are a triathlete the one thing you can't do is quit - you gotta pick yourself up and just tri again!  Have you ever had a sporting event not quite go as planned?


  1. I fell down on an treadmill once, does that count?? lol but seriously, it threw me across the room and I skinned myself pretty bad. As unimpressed as F looks in the background, we all know S is a real man!!

  2. Wow - I think that totally counts! I've seen people get thrown from treadmills on AFV and it definitely doesn't look fun.

    1. I can at least claim I was 15 at the time, but refuse to touch a treadmill since!