Thursday, June 26, 2014


Veda's first concert is . . . . Tom Pease at the Public Library!!!

We only got to see the second half.  When we arrived the auditorium was full so we were funneled into a room where it was playing on a screen.  Unfortunately due to the general noise level you couldn't really hear him singing - which made it just a video of a crazy guy jumping around.  Definitely not very satisfying.  So I went out in the hall and lo and behold some people were leaving the auditorium.  I asked the librarian there if I could go in and see if there were available seats.  She said "No, those people are just using the restroom."  So I went and asked a different librarian if I could go in, and she said I could try the doors on level 3 since no one was guarding those.  So I did, and there were a dozen empty seats - easy.  So we enjoyed the rest of the concert - Veda danced to the belly button song, and we had a good time.  Afterward she even met the star!

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