Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Good Doggie

One of the first things people who know my family ask is how the dog is adjusting to the baby.  Here is an illustration of just how good F can be.  V has a bassinette that she lays in.  It's pretty close to the floor, and designed so that when she moves it rocks.  She will frequently lay in it for naps during the day.  Earlier this week during one of these naps F's chewy bone found its way underneath her.  He tried to get it first from the side, but when his head bumped her butt he backed up.  He went around to the other side, and still no luck.  Finally he army belly crawled underneath from the far end so that he wouldn't disturb the baby, grabbed it with the edge of a tooth and backed out.  See, I told you F was a good doggie, if not the very best doggie.


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