Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pyogenic Granuloma

As some of you are aware, I had a wound on my finger that wouldn't go away - and today the doctor announced it was probably a "Pyogenic Granuloma."  To give a history, here's how it presented.  First I just had a blood blister, that did pop and become exposed.  When this tried to heal it wouldn't ever form a proper scab.  Any sort of bump would cause it to start bleeding again.  And when it would bleed it would bleed profusely.  After a while it grew into a bump, and it kinda looked like a  mushroom with a stem and a flatish balloon on top.  At this point I wondered if it could possibly be some type of wart.  Finally my finger was swollen, and the area around it obviously infected so I went to the Dr. and got the news.  Treatment - he shot numbing stuff in it, and cut it out.  To staunch the bleeding he cauterized and then put in three stitches.  To be sure that his diagnosis is correct he sent it for a biopsy, but from the descriptions I have read online I think that it was spot on.  Just thought I would share in case anyone has a similar experience.

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