Thursday, March 3, 2016

Parachute Fun

Well, it has been an active fun filled day - and it's only just begun!!  We woke up to a snow covered world this morning.  It made for a nice break from the grey that Iowa winters usually entail.

This mornings big activity was going to the library for Parachute Play.  It's a popular program, and requires registration which is a bummer. We missed out on it previously because it fills up very quickly.  It is once a month, so I'll be registering again for April really soon.
There were some other programs for kids going on at the same time as this one because when we got to the parking lot there were school buses, and general mayhem.  I ended up parking by VF's school and we walked through the skywalk to reach the library.  I'm sure we were quite the sight to drivers below. I had JA in the Moby wrap, a backpack diaper bag, and carrying VF for part of the walk it was quite a workout. I was glad that I left 20 minutes early though because we made it just in time!
VF saw the parachute through the window and was so excited I had to drag her away from it to go in the door around the corner.  Silly kid.  As soon as we hit the room she was peeling off the coat and shoes and racing out to run with friends.  Now I remember playing with a parachute a couple times at school when I was a kid, and can I don't remember it being as much of an arm workout!  Why don't gyms have a parachute workout class?
Veda ran and sang and had a really great time.  After class the instructor blew some bubbles, which of course was a hit.  I haven't let VF blow any indoors, and she hasn't wanted to go outside to do it.   So it was a well timed side activity for her.  Afterward I saw there was a concert for kids in the auditorium that was just about to start.  So we popped in for some impromptu music fun.  It was a very talented and patient quartet.  They have to be when a train goes by and half the audience runs for the windows!
Both girls loved the show. We were due for a potty break so off to the bathroom to change a diaper, assist VF and generally juggle everyone and everything.  I know this isn't what you come here to read about but just know - the bathroom struggle when outnumbered is real.  Poor Jo was laying on coats so I could wash my hands!  Next we went down to the kids library so VF could play while JA ate.  I would have gone straight to the car - but JA was a bit upset at being overdue.  So after playing with trains and eating it was a quick scurry through the sky walk and back to the car.  The downside of parking in front of the school is that we needed to move the car before pick-up.  I can't say that no one was upset about a vacant car in the pick-up line; but I can say that no one was inconvenienced.  We were on our way as the first child exited the building.

That's my morning.  I'm exhausted, but grateful that both girls are down for a nap. Now if only it lasts a bit longer I'll get some sleep too!


  1. So much fun! I totally remember parachutes in school and running underneath as it forms a mushroom cap.

  2. With adults holding it to make the mushroom cloud it reached the ceiling!

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