Sunday, February 21, 2016

An amazing Friday

V was sharing the happy all day on Friday, so here are our stories.

On the way to school I gave her a bowl of O's to eat. The bowl I used is the one with the plastic flap lid that helps discourage messes.  I had bought it for J because it was on sale somewhere.  Now V had seen this bowl used by friends at different playtimes.  Well you would think I had just handed her the toy of the year.  "I have one of these?" "Holden has this bowl!" "Just like my friends!" Yep, the kid was over the moon because of a bowl.

When I went to pick her up from school Ms. Sophie had this story for me.  Walking from the playground back to the school there was a huge gust of wind.  V and her 4 friends were lifted off the ground and were about to be swept away! Dylan exclaimed "I'm in the sky!" Ms. Sophie envisioned the incident report stating that she just couldn't save them all.  She jumped to action. She had Veda and Izzy each grab a leg. She put Ethan on her back. Then grabbed the last to kids and held them each under an arm.  Then she braced against the gale and carried them all into the school.  Hooray!

Once in the car V asked: do you know where we are going next?
Me: um. . . home?
V: nope, the bank! it's Friday!
Yep, she is keeping track of the schedule now.  Of course we had to go home first to get the monies to take to the bank, but we did make it to the bank for her Friday popcorn.  At the bank while I was making the deposit I turned to see her pulling the kiddie chair across the sitting area.  When I went over I asked why.
V: to get taller, taller, taller.
M: why do you need to be taller?
V: to get up there? (pointing)
Not sure how she knew, but sure enough there was a bowl of candy up there.

Let's see.  When we were home she took a moment to show J how her new toy works.  (See picture) Thanks for sharing it with us Black family!

Later after her nap she found a piece of a chair that was waiting to be put back in. She tried to do it with her fingers, but it didn't work.  So she started looking through drawers.
Me: What are you looking for?
V: I need a screwdriver.
Well, I wasn't going to get in the way of her completing this task so I helped her out.  I got the screw pushed in and barely had time to grab my camera before she started using the mallet to tap in the cover.

It was a really great day.  V has been sick since with a fever of 102. So that is why I am late getting this posted.  Poor kid just gets to stay in bed watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Netflix cartoons all day.  

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  1. Ms. Sophie's version of the flying story. "Today I took 5 toddlers to recess. Today, I took 5 toddlers inside by having to walk through a wind tunnel. Today all 5 of those toddlers went flying, feet off the ground into the air about 6-8 feet away from me. Today I ran, grabbed all of them - put one on my back, strapped two of them to my legs (made them hold on) and held two in my arms. Today I walked through a wind tunnel with 5 toddlers strapped to me holding on for dear life. Today we all cried of laughter together.
    Today I almost had to write the biggest incident report, ever.

    Today when I took a child to go home, my student goes "mom, ms Sophie saved us in a huge wind storm. We all held on after flying in the sky.""