Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rose Petals

Today, for the first time, I have a bedroom floor showered with rose petals. 

What is the occasion? 

Well let me tell you.  It all started with an innocent trip to the garden.  This year has been an amazing year for my roses, one bush has been in bloom since spring!  When looking at them today VF noticed that there were buds, and picked one.  I showed her that when the green leaves were peeled back they revealed the red petals underneath.  Well, VF though that was pretty neat, so she kept the rosebud as a treasure and wouldn't give it to anyone.  Once we came inside she did a bit more investigating.  After all, if the green revealed red, perhaps the red would reveal a new color.  Petal by petal she peeled, until the bud disappeared.  And that is how I ended up with a bedroom floor covered in rose petals.

1 comment:

  1. Elementary, my dear, she likes investigating the scent of red roses!